Weekly photo challenge – Regret

Sunday afternoon… Let’s keep it light 🙂

So, in order to complete this weekly photo challenge, I tried to show how much I regret what is not raw, authentic or even natural.

But as I’ve just said, it’s sunday and I better keep it light!

© JB Heronneau "EdIble product or Animal?"

No doubt here, a few chickens got their feathers « burnt »!

© JB Heronneau "Does it look like olives oil?"

Well, once again, it’s good to remember that olive oil is not a fruit, but the product of mass destruction of olives!

© JB Heronneau "And then there was light"

Winter is often the time to remember that when there is no more electricity, the old and warm candles are irreplaceable 🙂


14 réflexions au sujet de « Weekly photo challenge – Regret »

  1. you are right, if you comment in your regret-post, that we do not use enough candles having electricity everywhere so easy – candles help to concentrate, are a bridge to our feelings – electric light not in that way; Sir Elton John knew this very well as he composed CANDLES IN THE WIND …

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