Weekly photo challenge – Foreign

© JB Heronneau « Foreigns are relative »

© JB Heronneau « Teddy bears invasion »


© JB Heronneau « Teddy bears troop »


© JB Heronneau « Teddy bears victory »


© JB Heronneau  » Teddy bears control »


© JB Heronneau « Teddy bears domination »

30 réflexions au sujet de « Weekly photo challenge – Foreign »

  1. Hi there! I really like the caption you wrote; « Foreigns are Relative ». It says a lot with only three words. The bears are wonderful. I LOVE bears! They remind me of bears that were erected in Grants Pass Oregon during 2009 (I think). Each artist used a theme, decorated their bear, and they were put up and down the main streets. After many months they were auctioned off. The $$ was raised for a great cause (I can’t remember which one). Anyway decorated bears are more Relative than Foreign~~maybe.
    GREAT POST!!! as always. Ta Ta for now, Cathy the Bagg Lady

  2. This is great. Love the « art » bears posed with the Eiffel Tower backdrop. Great contrast and color! These kind of remind me of the gnome photos in « Amelie ».

  3. Hello!!! Great pics…
    I really love the first one, with the beautiful girl in between the bears…It strucks, because the attention swing from the bears (in theory, the foreign) to the girl (the real foreig)…

  4. The colors and the whimsy remind me of Niki de Saint Phalle and her Nanas — but the bears are funnier. I agree with one comment, it is the Eiffel Tower that looks strange and « foreign » here!

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