Old things (vieilleries) are, to me, a real source of inspiration.

They are feeling creators and can give an atmosphere, just being around. No ghost, no spirit, but still, something is broadcasted in the air when they are put somewhere.

I believe it’s just a psychological feeling and nothing’s real in what I’ve just said, but it’s always so interesting to discover these very curious old objects in a contemporary context.

Well, at least, it works for me 🙂

Knowing that people used them, broke them, eroded them, in a way, were connected to them, make me think that trying to give these objects a second life is a kind of duty.

We have to save the Ryan soldier!!!!

© JB Heronneau « Dust Cupboard – Paris »

© JB Heronneau « Empty Heineken… Nobody changes, really! – Paris »

© JB Heronneau « Connexion between the past and present – Paris »

© JB Heronneau « Memory keeper – Paris »

© JB Heronneau « Rust… One footprint at a time – Paris »


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